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Friday, 20 June 2014

Footballers? Huh!

So England are out of The World Cup again. What a surprise. I think they see going to whichever country they play in as a holiday, not work.  I’ve said for years that money has ruined football and this once again goes to prove it. Wonderful Brian Clough had the right idea. If the team wins, then yes, they do get silly money, but if they just “turn up” then they get the absolute minimum. I hate to keep on about it, but our wonderful  “Team of 66” was made up of FOOTBALLERS! Football was all they were interested in. They each received  £50 for playing in the world cup and each and every one of them would have played for nothing! Before Johnny Haynes and Jimmy Hill started the crusade for footballers to be paid more, players became footballers because they loved football, not because they loved money.  Geoff Hurst was a guest at my brother in law Steve’s fiftieth birthday party, and he was saying that the day after the final in 66 he was out mowing his lawn.

The majority of players nowadays are much less men than the old school players  were. David Beckham, love him or hate him, ( I personally think he’s great) is/was old school. Okay, he was lucky enough to become very rich, but anyone who’s played/worked with him will verify that football was his driving force. He’d have played for nothing.  I’m glad that he’s become very rich and I think he deserves every penny.  Look around at some of the others gracing our national team sheets and we know for a fact that they’re driven by money. If they were told they’d have to play for nothing, they wouldn’t play. We’ll now hear all the excuses as to why they were so crap out there.
I grew up supporting Charlton Athletic. (still do) The Valley was only a few hundred yards from where I lived and us kids used to be at the ground waiting for the players to arrive and again to see them leave after the game. They arrived by bus and they left by bus. Most if not all of them had jobs to survive because football didn’t give them a living wage. Did they care? Did they + + + +! They loved football, and that was all there was to it.
Our footballers lack any sort of dedication or discipline. Look at our athletes in The Olympics. They achieved so much because they were both dedicated and disciplined, something all our footballers seem to lack.

Anyway, I suppose that’s it for another four years. Wonder how we’ll do in Euro?

Saturday, 14 June 2014

So, the World Cup's here once more. 

I wonder what sort of show our lot are going to put on this time. Funny thing is, nobody expects them to achieve any thing, whereas we usually /hope for at least a valiant fight, maybe even a win, so it could work out well.......

I've backed them to beat Italy tonight ( Saturday 14th June) and think they might just crack it. My thinking behind that is that the Italian team are more or less the same as the last World Cup and they're getting on a bit now, whereas at least Roy Hodgson has got some young blood in the side. We'll see.

Went for my six monthly Cancer Clinic check up yesterday, and I’m still clear. I used to worry myself stupid but now, once I’ve been given the all clear I stop worrying till a day or so before my next appointment, which will be sometime in December. Be a bit cruel if it came back as a bloody Christmas present, wouldn’t it?

So, Iraq is more or less back where it was before Bush and Blair committed the armed forces of both countries with no though for anything other than their own glory and more in Blair’s case, to line his own pockets. Bush hasn’t got the intelligence for that. What a piece of work Blair is! All those young men and women sent to their deaths without a second thought.  Wonder if he’d have been so keen if his spoilt kids had been in the armed forces. Mind you, they’d never have passed selection:you need a back bone for that.

I honestly think that Sadaam should  have been left in situ, because it’s going to be a lot worse in Iraq in future than it ever was under his dictatorship.  Okay, he was accused of killing his own people. What’s happening now?  The thought of all that oil was too much for Blair to resist.

D’you know, I really think that Blair believes he’s go down in history as a great prime minster. I think it’s something that he really believes. Many years ago, a march on Downing Street would have ended with him being publicly lynched. Ahhh… The good old days.

For those who've asked (and thank you for that) Molly my cat's much better and when we went to the vet last Monday she'd put on weight again and come this Monday I'm hoping she'll have put on some more. I've managed to get the antibiotics down her and they've obviously done the trick. I once again will be a few £'s lighter. The bill's over £900 now so I'm hoping that the insurance company get their finger out, or more pertinently, their wallet.

Went for my six monthly Cancer Clinic check up yesterday, and I’m still clear. I used to worry myself stupid but now, once I’ve been given the all clear I stop worrying till a day or so before my next appointment, which will be sometime in December. Be a bit cruel if it came back as a bloody Christmas present, wouldn’t it? Come this September I'll have been clear four years and my team have assured me that in my case, if it was going to come back it would have done so within the first few months of finishing treatment, so I'm hoping they're spotting on. I want to be around to enjoy my grandson for a good few years yet.

Talking of my grandson (as I'll do at any opportunity) he just seems to get more and more gorgeous with each passing day. He's the most cheerful baby ever and smiles at everyone he see's and it takes very little to get him giggling joyfully.

Couple of latest pics attached. 

I just love him to bits.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Update on Molly, my cat

Those of you that read my post last week about my cat being poorly may like an update.

After phoning around last Sunday I managed to find a vet who’d see us on the day. Off we went and were very pleasantly received and was informed that it would be best if Molly stayed in for observation and to be placed on a drip as she’d not been eating.  I was asked to leave a £400 deposit which I did. I called in the afternoon and said that she’d be placed on antibiotics as an infection in her kidneys seemed possible and she was doing quite well, having managed to eat something at last.

Another vet called me the following day to inform that that traces of blood had been found in Molly’s urine. They were continuing with the antibiotics but if her urine was not clear by the following day they’d carry out a scan.

Cut a long story short a scan was carried out (at my expense, obviously) but it still turned out to be an infection in the kidneys and she was still on antibiotics and I’d need to continue the course when I got her home but I could collect her the following day.

I spoke with my insurance company and they said they’d sent and e-mail me the claim forms and they’d be happy to deal with the vet direct.

On arrival at the vet I was told that they “didn’t deal with insurance companies direct” and added the information that there was a charge of £24 for filling in the claim forms. (as if they weren’t hammering me enough financially as it was) The final bill came to £841 and a few odd pennies! Okay, I can claim from the insurance but I still have to pay almost £300 excess.  As I said last week, I used to be naïve enough to think that vets were animal lovers. I suppose they are, but they love money more.
Still, it’s all part of owning a pet and she’s worth every penny. I’ve only had her a few months but prior to my getting her she was my daughter’s so I’ve known her for years and I missed her so much when she was at the vets.

I’m battling, not very successfully, to get the antibiotics down her and when I return to the vet on Monday I’m going to ask if there’s another method. Main thing is she’s eating again. Not as voraciously as she used to, but getting there.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 6 June 2014

D-Day,6th June

Hope you're all well.

I find it very emotional watching the D-Day remembrance services and parades. Seeing all those all old servicemen who went out and put their young lives on the line to keep this country free and  remembering all those who never made it back. Heroes, each and every one of them.  Those that survived must look around at the UK today and wonder why they bothered. I remember a comedian once saying "Politicians did in six months what Hitler couldn't do in six years." and he wasn't far from the truth, was he?

I remember a scene in "Fools and Horses"  in which Grand-dad  was speaking about the war and he uttered a line which I've never forgotten because it was so poignant and so true " They promised us homes fit for heroes and we got heroes fit for homes."

The only reason politicians become politicians is to benefit themselves and nothing will ever shake me from that belief. Tony Blair is a prime example. He didn't give a single, solitary thought to all those young men and women that he sent to their deaths, and all those that would come back disabled, both mentally and physically. 

Help for Heroes is a wonderful charity that does fabulous work on behalf of our wounded servicemen and women but a charity should NOT be needed! The government should be providing all the help and care that these young people need. They shouldn't have to be reliant on charity. But, it's typical of the  way this country treats the armed forces, always has done and sadly, always will do, whilst the politicians who send them out to fight what often amounts to other people's war's sit back and think how clever they (the politicians) are.

I think that every time our forces are deployed, a politician should lead them in to action. And I mean lead as in "from the front" not from a desk in Whitehall..

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